Of Home and Wholeness

Hostile city built on stolen land, with stolen hands, how dare you label attempts to create sanctuary as illegal?

Home making is revolutionary in this system borne of displacement
Wholeness is revolutionary in this system invested in dislocation

Keep fighting to make home
Keep fighting to be whole

It doesn’t seem possible but perhaps a day will come when home and wholeness are no longer forcibly removed
A day where “they shall build houses and inhabit them; they shall plant vineyards and eat their fruit”

That reality of which the prophet Isaiah long since dreamed…

But in the meantime, do not forget:

Your very breath is resistance
Your very presence is protest
In this world telling you your life does not matter, the defiant drumbeat of your heart is bravery
Your very being is courageous

So whatever they say, breathe the air like it was yours
Take up space like it was 1651
If you have the strength, go on and build
And if, when they have done their worst, you still have strength, if you still have breath

Build again

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