The Cruel Mother City

1901 saw the first forced removal of black people from Cape Town’s inner city
The removers named the Bubonic plague as justification for their action
Neither the first nor the last time for power to use tragedy to push its own agenda
“Never let a good crisis go to waste”, they say

Because crises distract our gazes from the Empire’s shady tactics
And power, which has no in-built mechanism of accountability
Is left unmonitored to roam freely, devouring those in its way
The similarities between 1901 and today are striking

Evictions, forced removals, black people daily treated as less than human
While another pandemic demands our attention
And we are worn down, fighting two enemies named Plague, and Power
Who seem united in their desire to destroy the disenfranchised

Those perpetually subjected to the fate of the cross
But three days has been extended to more than three hundred years, with still no end in sight
Where is the light at the end of this tunnel of crucifixion?
Are we not long overdue for some resurrection?

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