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God of….. By Tristan Pringle

God of the poor and hungry
We ask that you forgive those of us who eat while others starve
We ask that you release us from the bondage of our own self-centredness
We ask that you remove the scales from our eyes so we see human beings in desperation rather than targets for our “righteous” “just shoot thems”

God who fed 5000
We pray you feed millions
You said man cannot live on bread alone
Our people have had their fill of white theology give them bread lord

God of creation
You made the earth abundant
We repent for hoarding what we feel entitled to
And depriving those who do not have

God to whom vengeance belongs
We know no enemy can stand against you
We pray God that you bring those to justice who use your people for their gain
Those who put profit before people
Those who prophet-eer people to give of their last savings
Those who manipulate people for their own politricks

God of peace
We pray for discontent in the absence of justice in the world
Stir us to use all that is at our disposal to bring Shalom

God of Jubilee
We pray against the false gods of the current economic order
Those gods of progress at all costs
Of sweatshops and consumerism
Of neoliberal economics and hoarding
And egocentric philanthropy
We pray for kingdom economics and a new economic order

God of time and space
We pray for our brothers trying to escape earth on rocket ships
We pray that they see the suffering they want to leave behind and act on it
We pray that the same ingenuity and energy used to fly to the stratosphere is used to imagine and create a new tomorrow

God in whose image we are made
Help us to look beyond what seems possible in our own strength
Flood our hearts, minds and souls with Love
So much that it sets us ablaze to care for others more than we care for ourselves
And in all these things Lord I plead bankruptcy, may you start with my own heart

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