Church Buildings as Care Centres

We are all aware that we have not reached the apex of the pandemic in South Africa. In the coming weeks we will see a rise in the number of people who are reporting ill while the normal challenges faced by many due to Winter rains will also increase. 

There are many ways that Churches can use their buildings to be beacons of hope, love and care during this time: as microsites for our homeless neighbours, as places of refuge for survivors of domestic violence, as isolation and quarantine centres for people who can’t self-isolate at home, as resting and quarantine spaces for health professionals and as collection and distribution hubs for food, materials and other resources needed in a full-Body response. 

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Keeping sites to caring for small numbers is crucial both to curb the spread of the disease as well as to make sure that each church is able to provide care in a sustainable manner. We dream of this model being taken up by as many churches in South Africa as possible, so the numbers of people supported by a local congregation will be relatively low, probably 10 – 20 at most. This will also ensure that meaningful relationships can be built between church and community members.

From the outset, we would encourage individual churches to think through these different scenarios and formations and commit only to what they know they can reasonably offer. The Warehouse, in partnership with the RESPOND Coalition, will try to help coordinate the collection and distribution of resources needed to set up your Care Centre. We can also offer help to churches within the Cape Metro in setting up your sites and connecting you to partner churches.

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