Support 1000 families with Crisis Kits

The Warehouse coordinates the RESPOND churches collaboration that manages the church response to large scale disaster incidents across the City of Cape Town. On the morning of 29 November a fire destroyed between 800 and 1000 homes in Masiphumelele affecting around 4,000 people. As a result the RESPOND network of churches has been activated and have been liaising with the primary responders since early this morning. The response is being coordinated by MercyNet operating alongside Living Hope in the Fish Hoek valley.

Since significant support is being received from local partners it has been agreed that the best use of our resources will be to target a specific set of items that will help over the next few days. We are seeking to get 1000 family crisis packs delivered to the site within the next few days. These packs can be directly collated by individuals, families and churches or a donation of R250 per pack can be made and The Warehouse ( will take responsibility for purchasing and collating the kits. Kits can be delivered to your church or to The Warehouse.

Donations towards the Masi fire response can be made here

If you want to make up a kit yourself the contents are as follows:

• 4 plates and 4 bowls

• 4 plastic bowls/plates

• 4 knives, 4 forks, 4 spoons

• 4 Plastic cups

• 2 Dishtowel

• 4 toothbrushes and 1 toothpaste

• Towel - large

• 4 face-cloths

• 2 Toilet rolls

• Sanitary pads

• 1 Basin/bucket

The kit should be packed into the bucket as shown in the photo. Volunteers will be needed at The Warehouse over the next few days to get kits ready for distribution. Please feel free to come along - 12 Plantation Road, Wetton.

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