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This manual offers guidelines to the church in its response to people coming to the door for help, and the many challenges that this presents.

Part 1, for those at the front desk, discusses ways of exercising compassion, wisdom and discernment; how to say “yes” without being patronising or feeling manipulated, and how to say “no” without being dismissive or feeling guilty.
Part 2 assists church leaders with developing policies that offer a unified response to those in need, and with supporting the front-of-house staff as they implement these decisions.
Part 3 provides practical tools for record-keeping and setting up a data base of resource- and service providers. The book includes templates for developing these lists.

50-page A4, spiral bound booklet
Hard copy R100
Mailed copy R150
Pdf R50


Generosity Revolution is a month-long campaign for a church community. Its aim is to encourage mindset change around ownership, giving and receiving in a context of inequality.

Based on a study of the book of Ruth, this resource promotes a theology of generosity that gives birth to exciting and achievable ways of giving and receiving in a way that upholds dignity for all. The package includes the following:

• Material for sermons and liturgy
• Small-group Bible studies
• Resources for children
• Posters, bookmarks and ideas for “daily drip-feeds” to encourage interest and motivation that leads to action.

80-page A4 spiral-bound booklet, with resources that can be copied
Hard copy R150
Mailed R200
Pdf R50


A Practical Guide for Churches on the Children’s Act and Other Laws Relating to Children

This practical guide offers an overview of the Children’s Act and how it relates to churches and Children’s institutions and ministries.
It enables leaders of churches and child-care institutions in South Africa to better understand and adhere to the Children’s Act and other relevant legislation. Its purpose is to promote the protection and wellbeing of children in all aspects of church and community life. The book outlines general principles of the Act, and examines issues around the safety and well-being of children, issues such as rights and responsibilitites of both children and carers, and how to confront issues such as child labour, child trafficking and other abuses.

It’s a very practical book, written in simple English in a question-and-answer format. Its full colour format allows for easy reference to the different sections. The book includes a glossary of terms used, real life examples of application of the different principles, and snippets that illustrate the principle being described.

200-page A4 full-colour book
Hard copy R300
Mailed R365
Pdf R150


A one-day process enabling the church to take concrete steps towards addressing the challenge of substance abuse.

Many in our churches and communities are concerned about the poverty, violence and social challenges that confront us, but feel crippled by fear, hopelessness or lack of ideas of what to do. Using the book of Joel as a text, this booklet offers a format for a series of conversations that move people from a position of stuckness and despair to being hopeful, energised and ready for action.

The focus of the book is substance abuse, but the methodology can be applied to any challenge facing your community.

13-page A4 soft cover booklet
Hard copy R50
Mailed R80
Pdf R50


Exercises and techniques for managing stress

Using a hands-on, popular education approach, this booklet describes simple exercises for relieving stress, managing emotions and living with bal¬ance in the midst of the challenges of life. It is especially effective in communi¬ties affected by violence, poverty and trauma.

16-page soft cover A5 booklet
16-page spiral-bound booklet
Hard copy A4: R50, A5: R30
Mailed R80
Pdf R50

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