Sharing your treasures

How do we share well with those in our city? Many people are generous and want to share with others, especially during times of crisis. However, sometimes this giving is done without the care and dignity that people in need deserve.

We have put some tips together to help us give well, in ways that enhance dignity.

• Ensure that all items, whether clothing, household items or toys are newly washed, smell fresh and are not stained, torn, chipped or blemished.

• Donate items in a well-packaged, attractive condition: folded or well stacked and protected in sturdy cardboard boxes or see-through plastic bags (avoid using black refuse bags) and if possible, pre-sorted and labelled into genders, sizes and ages.

• If an item is in generally good shape but has something that needs fixing (e.g. a button sewn on, a hem cleaned up or toy fixed) please spend the time doing this before giving the item.

• Consider buying additional gifts such as brand new underwear to accompany clothing.

• If you would like to spend money, contact the organisation you are planning to give through to find out what current needs are, especially during disaster relief. The Warehouse and churches will also have this information on websites during specific responses

• Ensure that you donate seasonally appropriate items: this may mean that you go through your cupboards at the beginning of each season and donate what can be used immediately, or if you have items for a different season, store them until the correct season.

• It is difficult for relief organisations to store excess items and often causes them to become mouldy or stale smelling.

• Ask yourself these questions: Would I give this to someone I love? Would I be blessed to receive this? Does this give someone the message that they are made in God’s image?

• Please see the insert regarding what Urban Gleaning at The Warehouse is able to help you distribute, and our website during disaster responses.

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