What are you doing on the 10th August?

There is a huge buzz in South Africa around the second week of August.

On Monday, 7 August, #Unitebehind has planned a march to call on the ANC to recall President Jacob Zuma. You can read about the march here and the greater #unitedbehind campaign here

Whether you march or not, we would love to encourage you to join us in prayer and in acknowledging that, when we as Christ-followers frame discussions on corruption in our country, it is critical to understand that corruption has been overtly present in South African society, with devastating social consequences for the original people of the region since the advent of colonialism and through the time of apartheid, and that much work still has to be done to tear down strongholds of power and privilege in our country, and to repair, restitute and restore all that has been lost.

On Tuesday, 8 August, another march is taking place, calling on Members of Parliament to vote with their consciences. You can read more about this here . That is the day on which Parliament will be debating the Vote of No Confidence in President Jacob Zuma. Whether you participate in the march or not, we would again love to encourage you to join us in prayer and in acknowledging that when we as Christ-followers address corruption, we do so with a theological and practical understanding that corruption starts in every human heart and therefore that the first act in fighting corruption is one of humility and repentance as we ask God to search our hearts and shine a light on anything which is not aligned to God’s heart, and turn from those thoughts, attitudes and actions.

Wednesday, 9 August, is a public holiday. We would love you to join us for training in Children, Church and Law, or as it is Women’s Day, to spend some time reading and reflecting on our article on Gender, Violence and how our theology can shape our society.

But most importantly: what are you doing on 10 August?

Because come that day, regardless of who marched, who voted which way, whether Jacob Zuma is still our president or not, we still have the work of justice ahead of us. As Christians, our hope does not lie in a political solution or in the actions those in power, but in the Kingdom of God which, through the infilling of the Holy Spirit, we work to establish and expand on earth as it is in Heaven. Thursday, 10 August becomes the most important day of that week, and we would like to invite you to join with us, in your homes, your communities, workplaces and churches, as we re-imagine, intercede for and work towards a city and country which reflects the fullness of the Kingdom - where each person is able to flourish in the fullness of how God has created them to be, where relationships are whole, healed and just and where people live in true freedom with God and each other.

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