What we do and don’t receive ...

We are able to receive and distribute excellent quality:

School Uniforms - white or gold shirts, black tunics, grey or green skirts or black
Toys/Sports equipment - Washed soft toys, Soccer balls and boots, Tennis balls, Puzzles with all pieces and picture [Ziploc bag]
Books - Good quality children’s books with no scribbles or torn pages
Decorative items - Table-cloths; Scatter cushions
Household items - Bread-boards, Buckets/basins, Cutlery sets, crockery: un-chipped plates, bowls, mugs and rust-free pots, pans etc
Linen - Duvets, throws, blankets, Sheets, Pillow cases
Jewellery - Packed well and intact
Toiletries - Unopened/new items
Handbags - Intact, clean and in good condition,
Clothing/shoes - Clean and folded seasonally appropriate men’s and women’s clothing and shoes, Children’s clothing and underwear in great condition, clean whole pairs of stockings, clean ‘perfect’ pairs of socks, new adult underwear

We do not accept:

School Uniforms – khaki tops or bottoms, school specific dresses
Toys/Sports equipment – General sports kit and equipment, any broken toys, battery operated toys
Books – Adult books, magazines,
Decorative items – not too many scatter cushions without covers, porcelain goods, bric-a-brac
Household items – broken or old crockery sets, damaged pots/pans, chipped glassware
Linen – Curtains or curtain accessories, blinds, bed-frills
Toiletries – opened or used cosmetics
Handbags – broken or stained
Clothing/shoes – Seasonally inappropriate clothing,
AND strongly recommend that you do not give unsuitable items to anyone who cannot say NO.

Alternative places to give:

Urban Gleaning at The Warehouse is very specific about what we are and are not able to receive and distribute. However, if you have an excellent quality item that will be of use to someone, but is not accepted by us, please consult this list of alternative places.

Please note: we encourage you to adhere to the highest quality of giving no matter who you are giving your gifts to (please see: Giving your time, treasures and talents

Bric a Brac, adult books and other household items: Try to make a connection with your closest Charity Shop to find out what they can receive. Here is a link to a list of Cape Town based charity shops 

We have passed items on to these ones in the past:

- St Luke’s Hospice, 50 Lester Road, Wynberg, 021 797 5360
- Hidden Treasure: Main Road Plumstead, Kathy 072 832 0401

Surplus clothing and useful household items during disaster times:
- Red Cross, 21 Broad street, Wynberg tel 021
- Or your local fire station

Formal dresses, dress suits and shoes:
- The princess project http://www.princessproject.co.za 082 260 2725

Furniture, carpets, curtains: 
- Home from Home: http://www.homefromhome.org.za 021 761 7251
- New Kidz: http://www.newkidz.org.za 021 981 542
- Bapumelele Childrens Home: contact: http://www.baphumelele.org.za 021 361 8631

When donating furniture: Please provide plenty of time between your phone call to any of the above places and the need for the furniture to be removed from your home. If a place offers to collect furniture they may need a week or so in order to schedule a collection date so please be patient with them. Please also be specific about what you are offering, especially in terms of its size and be understanding if they are unable to take it when they see it due to any reason.

Disaster relief

In times of disaster response such as community fires and flooding, we will be posting specific requests based on identified needs. This is to ensure that communities and other agencies only receive what is needed during the crisis and to reduce the job of sorting. Please check our website, Facebook, your church office, or phone us to get the specific items that can be donated at these times. This may be a good opportunity to club together with others from your church to complete a full kit, ready to be delivered straight to where it is needed. We will communicate on the above platforms, where the appropriate depots during specific disaster responses will be.

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