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Cape Town

The Cape Town Metropolitan Region is located at the south-western tip of South Africa, in the Western Cape Province.  It is characterised by spectacular physical beauty; historical significance and tremendous economic inequalities.  In this city of approximately 4 million people there are extravagant shopping malls, world-renowned wine farms, late model luxury cars and leafy suburbs.  However, the reality is that for the bulk of Cape Town’s population, these are an illusion.  In this city: 40% of the labour force is unemployed, 69% of the population does not have access to adequate housing, 33% of the population is HIV positive and the number of orphans is expected to exceed 75000 children by 2010.

The Parish is located in a section of the city called the Wetton Lansdowne Philippi Corridor.  This corridor includes some of the richest suburbs of Cape Town in the West with the central and eastern areas housing some of the poorest.  The Warehouse is physically located in an industrial area situated between these areas enabling easy access in all directions.

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