Friday 08 June 2018

Colleen Saunders

Sinoxolo Reflections

For this past month we’ve been running Sinoxolo in Lavender Hill, but even the structure of our course has not matched up to the challenges faced by the women we’ve been meeting with. For none of the weeks have we even been able to achieve a “quorum”. Each week someone has been ill, or their shack has blown down, or they have a Day Hospital appointment. Another is distraught because her daughter, who witnessed a murder, is now in mortal danger from the fellow gang members of the perpetrator. If the perpetrator is convicted, her danger will possibly be even greater.

So our few weeks are just a microcosm of the daily life and deep, deep trauma of so many in our neighbourhoods. Sinoxolo has brought much hope to me in the past. For this particular session, the hope has not yet come.