Thursday 15 February 2018

Colleen Saunders

We Can Still Avoid Day Zero!

As Day Zero threatens and panic rises, let’s bear the following in mind: Day Zero is not a certainty; it’s merely a probability. It can still be avoided or at least delayed, but only if we stop all the negativity and use our collective power. Here are some ideas:
• Use even less water than you are currently doing. The suggested 50 litres is still high. Aim for 20, 15, 10 litres per person per day (our household uses 10). You can easily keep clean on 2 to 4 litres if you wash in a basin using a facecloth. A shower or bath once a week is enough.
• Catch every drop of rainwater and save it. Place buckets wherever there’s a drip, be it from the gutters, trees, your neighbour’s fence or that part of their roof that might fall onto your side of the fence. If you don’t have jo-jo tanks, transfer the water you catch into other larger containers. Filter the water using any spare clean cloth you have, and it’s suitable for washing or laundry. If you have or can afford to buy extra buckets, buy them for those who have not and cannot.
• Save all grey water for flushing or re-using.
• Use only soap when bathing or showering (and not bath oil or gels that contain oil). That water can then be used for laundry as well. After washing you can use skin lotion to add moisture or nice smells to your body.
• Use small plastic basins in hand basins, or remove the u-pipe from hand basins and place a bucket underneath so that all water used is caught to be re-used. Even schools and businesses can do this. All grey water generated in this way can be poured into the toilet cisterns, especially in places like schools where there are multiple users.
• Avoid stockpiling bottled water if it’s bottled in the Cape and not sourced from a spring. Check this on the label! Already the demand for bottled water is extremely high, and if we are using our own water, we’re defeating the whole purpose.
• Collect spring water if you are able and have the means. And if you are able and have the means to collect or buy spring water, make sure that you include some for others who may not be able or do not have the means. We’re all in this together.
• Say good-bye to your lawns and flowers. Love them and leave them. You can grow them again once the rains return. It’s sad but is a necessary sacrifice.
• Pray, and never cease to give thanks for what we do have.


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