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Sanitation, Health, Information and Theology Talks in Sweet Home Farm

“"While respect for other people as human beings, irrespective of their views, is always necessary, an uncritical tolerance for their opinions is not always a virtue. Tolerance can become an excuse for ignoring what is reprehensible, overlooking what is hurtful to others, and thus reinforcing evil. We cannot be tolerant of racism, sexism and exploitation: we must be tolerant towards people, recognising their weaknesses and sins, as we acknowledge our own." ”

John de Gruchy
Author, Being Human


Dowayne’s Story

Dowayne grew up in Manenberg, raised by his grandmother who provided for her family by selling drugs. But when she died Dowayne felt as if he had lost the one person in his life he could talk to, and his life became even less stable than it had been before. Dowayne soon dropped out of school and began to experiment with drugs with his new friends, many of whom were involved in gangs.

He tried several times to stop using and to change his life, but he had nobody to support him, and surrounded by friends who were stuck in the same destructive patterns of behaviour, he couldn’t get himself out.

By an odd coincidence, Dowayne got roped into taking part in a mock substance abuse workshop that was being filmed to make the Warehouse video. During the break, he approached Jonathan, one of the Fusion fieldworkers and asked him for help. For the next two weeks, for one hour every day, Jonathan and Dowayne met together to talk and pray, and to keep Dowayne accountable as he attempted to come off drugs. After two weeks, Dowayne was clean, and he began a journey of healing and getting to know God that has led him to a place where he now has a heart for his friends who are still stuck in the life he used to live. He continues to be part of the Fusion refuge community, growing in his own faith and overflowing with the desire to share his story so that he can be a spark that brings light and life to his community.

If you want to see Dowayne telling his own story, click here to see this fantastic short documentary made about his life.