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Investing in church catalysed social change

In these uncertain times where injustice, oppression and corruption seem to be ascendant, do you yearn to see Jesus’ church living out the peace and justice of God for the world in more sustained and effective ways?  We do, and we’d like to invite you to consider investing in that possibility by financially supporting the work of The Warehouse.  

As an organisation committed to nurturing and catalysing systemic change through and with the church we’re aware that our outcomes can seem less concrete or tangible than direct care or the delivery of specific services addressing particular issues. However, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t able to articulate or show visible impact as a result of our work. Some of this impact looks like:

  • Coalitions of church congregations and networks working together in addressing issues such as disaster response and mitigation, transforming unjust structures and challenging racial division and oppression. 
  • Individual local church congregations effectively engaging their neighbourhoods, communities and cities through community development initiatives aimed at transforming lives.
  • Leaders in churches, especially those ministering in the poorest communities, being sustained, supported and mentored in the work that they do.

Supporting The Warehouse financially is an investment into these, and many other, kinds of church-led transformation, where the church actively lives out her mandate to be salt and yeast in our society. If you’re interested to read more about what we do, you can download our most recent annual report here.    

Our current support base is a diverse mix of churches, grant-making organisations, businesses and individuals.  The investment of donations from individuals, no matter the size, is a particularly important part of the pool for us as it enables us to invest in activities, people and communities in ways that create the opportunity for projects and initiatives.

All South African donations to The Warehouse are tax-deductible as we are registered as a Section 18A Public Benefit Organisation.  If you would like to invest in the church this year and help us to continue the work that we are doing, you can do so by donating onlineor via EFT:

The Warehouse Trust Bank Details:

Account Name: The Warehouse Trust

Account Number: 071883053

Account Type: Current

Bank: Standard Bank 

Branch: Claremont (025109) 

For convenient giving from other parts of the world please click here

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