Day: 6 September 2019

The Wounds of So Many

Trigger warning: Stories of sexual violence The first time I heard someone recount her rape, I had just become a Christian and she had just stopped being one. She had been gang-raped by the youth pastor at her church and some other people. The second time, it was a family member. I doubt I responded …

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Who Are Our Neighbours?

The Warehouse is a community, and like all communities we battle with issues of difference. Believe it or not, we don’t all agree. Theology is often our place of difference. We are a sum of our parts; some Charismatic, some mainline denominations, some Pentecostal. This means that we are often invited into spaces of grappling, …

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The Immigrants’ Creed

(This creed professes the Christian faith through the experience of an immigrant.) I believe in Almighty God,who guided the people in exile and in exodus,the God of Joseph in Egypt and Daniel in Babylon,the God of foreigners and immigrants. I believe in Jesus Christ,a displaced Galilean,who was born away from his people and his home,who …

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