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On Both Banks of the River

The River of Life I live on the banks of the Liesbeek River in Cape Town which flows from the eastern slopes of Table Mountain through suburbs and industrial areas before joining the Black River and draining into the Atlantic Ocean. For most of the history of people in this area the river has been pivotal in the lives of those living near it.  Prior to colonisation by European migrants, the Khoi and San lived

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Give US This Day

Dear friends At the core of the prayer that Jesus teaches all of his disciples to pray, we find the words “give us this day our daily bread”. In her whistle-stop tour of the bible and food below, René August reminds us that it is a prayer for every person to have enough to eat, every day; and that we get to participate in making that a reality – in making God’s dreams for the world come

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Jesus & Justice: Dreaming of a Restored World

What’s Jesus got to do with Justice? We are a community committed to following Jesus Christ and living out his teachings under the leading and guidance of the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit. Our work is first and foremost an expression of this commitment.  The above quote is the first of six “identity statements” in The Warehouse’s strategic framework. We chose the words and the position of this identity statement with care as, in a

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Becoming Human

“During colonialism and apartheid some people were deified, made to be more than others, and others were dehumanised, treated like less – the great undoing that we are in the midst of, is humanising us all.” Linda Martindale – Micah Global The recent resurgence of the #blacklivesmatter movement has awakened fresh conversation, as realities of ongoing racism globally and locally that are often diminished and rendered invisible by dominant narratives and powers, have been given much-needed attention

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The Warehouse is leaving the Warehouse

Our dear friends It is with rather nervous excitement that we share with you that we are moving out of the building which has been our home for 17 years! This may seem like a very sudden announcement and so we wanted to share a bit of the journey which has led us to this decision. ………………………………………………….. It was October 2017. We were 4 days into a corporate discernment process, 6 years after the big

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If your Church closed tomorrow, would anyone notice?

I remember being challenged by a friend who asked me this question: “If your church closed tomorrow would anyone notice?” While it annoyed me greatly at the time, it is a powerful question that we would do well to ask ourselves in times like these. Exploring answers to this question is not as much about justifying the existence of a local church as it is about reflecting on who we are and who we can

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