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June 2019: Looking to the Youth

Remembering an advocate of children The past few weeks have been a difficult time for us as The Warehouse community. On the 26th of May, after being diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer just a month before, our dear sister, friend, and colleague of over eight years – Ntombi Tshingilane – passed away. Our hearts are grieved for not only our loss, but that of her family, and in particular, her two young boys. We are

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May 2019: What Would Jesus Vote (Part 2)

In its welfare, you will find your welfare “But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare” Jeremiah 29:7 The context into which this instruction was given was no doubt different from ours today. It was spoken by the prophet Jeremiah to the Israelites that were exiled in Babylon. I think there is

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April 2019 – What Would Jesus Vote?

What Would Jesus Vote? I find Jesus’ teachings illuminating and liberating, but also at times somewhat frustrating. Instead of providing clear-cut, easy answers, they most often create infinitely more questions. Which is why, I’m guessing, if he were living in South Africa today and we asked him who we should vote for in the upcoming elections, his answer would not be a straightforward political party, but a winding story that would pierce to our hearts

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February 2019 – Hope in the Wilderness

Hope in the Wilderness 2019 has started with a bang. School went back into session early this year, elections are coming up in May, and multiple state-capture and corruption commissions illustrate daily the multiplicity of ways in which we are struggling as a country to rid ourselves of our past, current and ongoing injustices. At times looking into 2019 feels like a dry wilderness and it is hard to have hope.  It was in a similar milieu

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December 2018- Fully God, Fully Human

Fully God, Fully Human What the incarnation means to some of The Warehouse team….   As Christians, the incarnation- Jesus, who is fully God embodying the full extent of what it means to be human and taking up residence on Earth- is foundational to our faith. In this month of December- this period of advent leading up to the celebration of the birth of Jesus and all that it means- we, as The Warehouse staff,

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November 2018 – Presence & Proximity

Presence and Proximity   This Sunday- the first Sunday in Advent- marks the start of the new church year.  The Advent journey to Christmas invites us to remember and anticipate the arrival of Jesus in the world.  As many of you would have been doing, over the past month or so we have been spending much time reflecting on the last year and planning for the coming one.   In our commitment to seeing churches

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