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November 2018 – Presence & Proximity

Presence and Proximity   This Sunday- the first Sunday in Advent- marks the start of the new church year.  The Advent journey to Christmas invites us to remember and anticipate the arrival of Jesus in the world.  As many of you would have been doing, over the past month or so we have been spending much time reflecting on the last year and planning for the coming one.   In our commitment to seeing churches

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October 2018 – Let Justice Roll

Let Justice Roll!   After months of deep prayer, discernment, engagement and collaboration with multiple partners and friends across the province and country, South Africa’s second Justice Conference took place on the 12th and 13th of this month, bringing together almost a thousand people seeking to journey towards an understanding of a gospel that truly is good news to the poor. This year the conference took place at Spine Road High School in Mitchell’s Plain,

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September 2018 – God is writing God’s story

God is Writing God’s Story   I have long been a student of the stars. Periodically I am drawn to their wise teachings on perspective. They position me as a mere dot in the massive expanse of the universe, and the challenges I am facing as things that fade into insignificance against the backdrop of the night sky. They speak softly to me of my smallness, and gently but firmly remove the weight of the

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August 2018 – Constantly becoming

Constantly Becoming   We (The Warehouse) are currently in the middle of a strategic planning process. So far it has been a really incredible time of intentionally remembering the paths that we have walked as an organisation, reflecting on where we are in this moment, and collectively listening to where God is calling us to. Something that was said within one of these times together has stuck with me. The facilitator said that the strategic

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July 2018 – Dealing with the Past

To Seek and Save What Was Lost   The book of Genesis describes the genesis of God’s plan for his creation, sin’s theft and destruction of that, and then God’s plan for redemption. The “before and after” pictures in Genesis 1 to 4 are striking in their contrast. The “before” picture is of abundant provision, land that is fertile and sustainable, people having identity, purpose, belonging, freedom and responsibility, unity with one another and with

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June 2018 – Church land and contested spaces

Confronting the Powers, Jesus Style   Something Rene August often says is “You can’t confront the powers that you cannot see, and you cannot see the powers that you are benefiting from.” In a society that is still a long way from equal, those powers take on many different shapes and forms. However, one thing is constant; when unacknowledged, power most often has the effect of marginalising those without it. But that never has to

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