Food Justice

The call for transformation of food systems –  to make healthy diets available, accessible, attractive and safe – has never been more urgent than now. The emergence of Covid-19 demonstrates and exposes to the world how fragile and unjust our food systems are. We need to hold this crisis moment with both hands, especially as an opportunity to rebuild and reshape food systems to be more strong, fair, just, sustainable and long-lasting. This calls for unity and collaboration in order to end the inequalities in food systems that fail to make nutrition accessible and affordable for all. We should not accept a situation where more than 800 million people go to bed hungry and where over two billion do not have access to quality diets. The Warehouse commits to working with relevant stakeholders to make this food systems transformation a reality and to ensure that no one is left behind.

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UPDATE: Hope Food Vouchers can now also be used with local vendors and Spaza Shops who use  FLASH. We are also working on mobile money & cash options