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Thank you so much for connecting with us and investing in our work. We are so excited to partner with you as we work towards authentic change in the Church and in South Africa.

Our Vision: The Church actively living out the peace and justice of God in the world.

Our Mission: We support local churches by enabling dialogue, facilitating collaboration, and inspiring hope-filled imagination that mobilises justice and peace-seeking action in their neighbourhoods and regions.

Our primary work is with church leaders for many reasons, including that these leaders are largely respected by their communities and entrusted with guidance and leadership. Most of these communities are located in low-income, highly congested and under-resourced areas as a direct legacy of the apartheid era of segregation and unequal division of resource. South Africans are still living in this disequilibrium, where many communities lack the most basic of necessities, like running water and sanitation, for example.

Many of these church leaders are forced to work in secular jobs to earn a living, while running a church and pastoring a community in their free time, at great cost – a true labour of love. Most of these church leaders struggle to sustain their churches financially. We serve these leaders through guidance and support that provides tools across various themes, such as financial sustainability, networking and building relationships, pastoral care, and managing grief and trauma.  

This is not where our work ends though. We also serve communities where the need is not necessarily economic survival, but rather the need for a deeper sense of what it means to live out God’s peace and justice in an unequal country built on injustice.  In this, we host and lead uncomfortable conversations guided by the Word of God, that awaken the financially resourced church to the injustice and suffering of their fellow neighbours.

We intentionally walk alongside church leaders from all communities in our society to build a different kind of church that lives out the peace and justice of God in South Africa today. Some of the impact of our work includes:

  • Church leaders deepening their theological reflections and development practice in responding to the context in which they lead, work and minister.

  • Equipping churches for ministry in their neighbourhoods and inspiring dialogue that deepens justice and lasting peace.

  • Providing resources that equip and inspire individuals and congregations for community transformation.

  • Researching, developing and piloting initiatives that address key issues contributing to the collective impact of the Church’s response to poverty, injustice and division across South Africa.

As a Warehouse partner, we appreciate your continued financial support. Our organisation is able to lead, serve and continue to do the work we do mostly because of individual donations. We have been encouraged to see the fruit of this support, especially during this very challenging time. 

There are various ways you can stay connected with us, including receiving our regular news updates. We also appreciate your feedback, which you can email to winston@warehouse.org.za or partner@warehouse.org.za.

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