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NB: in order for this webpage to update your details in our CRM system in the background, please type in your Unique ID, press tab and wait for the system itself to bring up your details. If you don’t do this, we do still receive your updated details, but you will not see them instantly refreshed on your other documents like Tax Certificates or Contribution Statements, or immediately be added to our mailing lists. We will definitely update them in time, but we know how “real time” really helps everyone. 

Anxious about giving us your personal details? You can scroll to the bottom of this page to find out why we would be interested in them and also read our Privacy Policy. We hope that sets your mind at ease.

*Why do we want these details about you?

It’s all very well to say we want to “love and serve” you better, but what does that actually mean? (other than being slightly creepy if you have no idea how your email address came into our possession!). In our work we consciously reflect and plan how we can connect people over the many divides in our country and world. We would love to know if we are doing that – if the people we are connecting with span multiple denominations, ages, languages, races; if we are working with people who span multiple living situations – from townships, to suburbs, to those in rural areas and those in the city centre; and to find out how all the people we know connect with us and what is on your hearts for the church in South Africa and the world. We really honour each connection we make and regularly pray and plan around how we can steward these relationships even more intentionally. 

Because we really cherish these connections, we would never, ever dream of betraying your trust and giving your details to anyone else. We can guarantee that your information will not be shared with anyone outside of the Warehouse, that we will honour your requests about how we should or shouldn’t contact you and that we will use these details to refine our strategy in serving you, your communities and the Church.    

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