René August

René August was baptised in the United Congregational Church, confirmed Methodist and ordained Anglican. Born into a black Christian family in Apartheid South Africa meant that holding paradox, ambiguity, suspicion, survival with the ability for quick thinking, running fast and careful listening were some of the things you had to master if you were going to get through school. If you wanted to get through life with any kind of faith then you needed a few more tools in your belt. Growing up in Mitchell’s Plain meant early days of ministry happened there. Her first job was in an inner city church, where she discovered God’s love for cities, and her love for cities too. She has always worked in ecumenical contexts and enjoys variety.

There are many things René loves and a few things she hates. She hates conflict enough to get involved in conflict transformation. She hates injustices enough to want to be involved in as many ways as are necessary to bring about justice in as many ways as possible. She hates the exploitation of our planet enough to want to work for its restoration. She loves the local church, she loves cricket, she loves food and people and being outside. She loves learning, but hates studying. She loves working in a team. In working at The Warehouse, René spends a lot of time with church leaders. She is passionate about finding new ways and tools to read our sacred texts in ways that help us connect it to our historical and contemporary contexts, so that we find new ways to live more faithfully in God’s story of love and recreation.

René is a member of the Strategic Leadership Team at The Warehouse and is responsible for Leadership Formation, Theological Engagement and Partnerships.