We are working to see the Church actively living out the peace and justice of God for the world. We are working for change in South Africa. We are serving the Church, serving the community for a better tomorrow for the next generations.

We support local churches by enabling dialogue, facilitating collaboration and inspiring hope-filled imagination that mobilises justice and peace-seeking action in their neighbourhoods & regions.

Through your financial support we are able to work with many more Churches as we equip and inspire individuals and congregations for community transformation as well as deepen church leaders’ theological reflection and development practice in responding to the context in which they lead, work and minister. No matter the size of your investment, donations enable us to continue the work already seeded.

In the world of those seeking deeper shalom and greater justice, we often remind each other that this journey is not a sprint, but a marathon. And not even a marathon, but actually a marathon-relay: where we inherit the gains of the generation before and pass on the gains of our generation to the ones to come…the work is never finished, but nor can it be abandoned. 

None can doubt that the baton the current generation has been handed is a heavy one: our world is getting warmer, divisions deeper and inequality more stark. Yet this generation is stepping up to the task and pioneering a way forward with energy, vision and a deep conviction that the world can and will be transformed. 

If you are one of these pioneers, visionaries & game-changers – or even if you just have a feeling that God’s dream for the world is better than what we currently see – we want to connect with you! 



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