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Churches responding to disasters


RESPOND is a coalition of churches and NGO’s based in the Western Cape of South Africa who gives supportive emergency response during times of disaster such as flood, fire and displacement. The emphasis is on supportive emergency response as opposed to primary emergency response. The City of Cape Town Municipality gives primary respons

RESPOND, along with other entities, gives supportive response for a limited time after the incident. RESPOND recognises that disaster response and mitigation strategies are not always effective and may even hinder the effectiveness of long term development initiatives


A RESPOND initiative is activated when 500 (five hundred) or more people are affected by a disaster incident, as declared by the applicable disaster response authority.  For incidents involving less than 500 affected people, a collective RESPOND action is not initiated. However, individual churches, members of communities or NGO’s within the coalition will discern their capacity to react. 

Please contact lester@warehouse.org.za if you’d like more information.  

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