Home- & Community Based Care for COVID-19

When someone has COVID-19 sickness from infection with novel coronavirus, the most common symptoms are: fever cough,  tiredness, and  shortness of breath.  Sometimes people may also have aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, a sore throat or a headache. Rarely, patients may also present

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Local Mobilisation & Networking Among Church Leaders

The church has an extremely wide reach in South Africa. If you are a church leader, consider how you can connect with and mobilise impactful responses from the people within your sphere of influence at this time. Some questions to help you think through this

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Mobilisation of Your Own Local Church Congregation

The local church has one of the most valuable resources available in times of crisis; readily arranged networks of people. The first important step to take is to map and become aware of these networks. Find out if there is a church database of members,

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