We are not so different They, waiting for the promised Messiah to deliver them from their colonial powers Hoping for the day exploitation, oppression and brutalisation would be no more Praying and preparing for revolution Forward to the new Jerusalem! Thousands of years later the

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The Warehouse is leaving the Warehouse

Our dear friends It is with rather nervous excitement that we share with you that we are moving out of the building which has been our home for 17 years! This may seem like a very sudden announcement and so we wanted to share a

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New Hope in the Church

Walking into the old church community hall of St Peters Anglican Church in the heart of Mowbray on a Thursday evening, one will be welcomed by a community of people who gather to eat a wholesome hot meal together each week. Many live on the

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More than a Meal – Thank you for hope

Local Churches partner and care for their own community and others. “The relief fund is not just helping with food on the table and feeding my children. It has given me hope, just when I thought all was lost. It restored my faith that we

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There are many churches and other concerned organisations who are wanting to respond to the food security crisis that has become a serious consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are some complexities around food parcels as a response to COVID-19 at the moment and so

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