Hope and Home

The epiphany of hope that draws the untamed imagination of a place called home also makes the heart yearn with rhythmic panting the expressions of unfathomable shades of love that transcend human emotionalism. Of course, it takes a degree of revelation to know what to do with hope. Even more so it takes a deeper sense of rhythm to find joy in the heartbeat of home.

Ah! Yes, hope and home when placed in context are intertwined like twins in the womb dancing to sounds only they can hear yet every tap and twist leaves its mark in the spirit of their mother. I cannot take hope without taking home, and home is relevant without hope.

Every gush of the wind, every whisper of the birds, every movement of the clouds dislocates sadness with its mystic ambience and ambivalence disarmed in the presence of hope located in home. Home is its people found there yet home is there found in its people. Location and presence form the substance of common emotions shared through mutual experience. In the tapestry of those experiences we decode our identities and find anchor in familiarity. Think about it! Familiarity teaches us the value of continuity but even more than that it roots the soul in memories that far outlive mortality. It is in this realm that hope presides. For hope has the tendency to locate familiarity in distant lands. It conjures up the wells of joyful memories and projects them into times that don’t yet exist.

Soil, water and green give language to the deep thoughts of the Creator. Brick, iron and boxes are therefore human attempts at interpretation of the divine language. Humanity has never been good at this kind of thing. As heaven articulated work, we heard job. Hospitality we heard accommodation. Home, we heard house. Provision, we heard capitalism. Sharing, we heard charity. Community, we heard self-selective groups. Church, we heard organised religion. No wonder we get lost in our own ideas, swallowed by our own ingenuity because our attempts at interpreting the divine language always seek to locate humanity as the centre. We gather up all these distorted concoctions and line them up like a house built with sheaves only for the rains of justice to destabilise those make shift foundations of our fallible social constructs.

Even so, hope always draws us home because at home every individual is part of a whole. Home transcends the present but draws from heritage and prophecy, past and future. Home is both legacy and ideal. Hope teaches us the interpretation of the divine language because it speaks to us this simple truth – we all need home in order to be more human.

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