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Cape Town Refugee Crisis

There is a crisis involving refugees in the City Bowl area that has resulted in a large number of people being sheltered at churches. Central Methodist Church, St Georges Cathedral and the Groote Kerk are directly involved and need your support. We are partnering with the RESPOND Coalition More Than Peace who are involved with other agencies in facilitating dialogue and resolution of the conflict.

Presently around 800 individuals are currently seeking refuge in these churches and this requires support. Sharon, of Central Methodist Church, is acting as the Incident Co-ordinator for this incident and has advised that the immediate needs are as follows :

Toilet Paper,
Sanitary Towels
Black Bags
Disposable Baby nappies
Baby cereal

This list will be updated regularly

Donations can be delivered directly to the church office at 46 Church Street in town, at St Georges Cathedral or at Cissie Gool House, Lower Gate, Mountain Rd, in Woodstock (the Old Woodstock hospital). Volunteers to help alleviate the burden on church staff would also be appreciated.

For those considering financial support, we urge that you actually purchase these items and deliver them directly to the above addresses to help alleviate that task from the church staff present.

Please be in contact with Lester Sedras (lester@warehouse.org.za) for more information.

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