Is your Church Disaster-Ready?

  • A disaster-ready church has a trained incident coordinator who is recognised by the church leadership. 
  • In a disaster-ready church, the congregation has participated in a Generosity Revolution journey and church members have been trained in setting up a hub.
  • The church leadership of a disaster-ready Church has interrogated and has documented their own capacity to respond to disasters: what they can offer, in what time period, to whom, in what kind of incident, how frequently, to what scale.
  • The church leadership of a disaster-ready Church is in relationship with other churches responding in the same geographical areas or areas of need
  • The church leadership of a disaster-ready Church have identified areas where they would like to offer more (eg trauma counselling; conflict mediation) and are pursuing training in this
  • A disaster-ready Church participates as part of the greater network of churches for regional disasters, but will also respond to specific incidents affecting less than 30 people. These incidents would typically be either within a 0-25km radius of the church’s building or in an area where the church has specific relationship (eg – a more materially resourced church might always partner with a less materially resourced church in disasters affecting them, or might mobilise around a neighbouring community or take part in a denominational response).
  • In a larger incident, this church would likely play the role of Lead Church

If you would like your Church to move further in your journey towards being a disaster-ready church, you can contact

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