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Dear friends

At the core of the prayer that Jesus teaches all of his disciples to pray, we find the words “give us this day our daily bread”. In her whistle-stop tour of the bible and food below, René August reminds us that it is a prayer for every person to have enough to eat, every day; and that we get to participate in making that a reality – in making God’s dreams for the world come true. 

We live in a time in which there is more than enough food to ensure that none go hungry and yet we face rates of global hunger which sees tens of thousands dying daily from hunger and related causes. 

This came into sharp focus last year at this time as our cities and countries went into hard lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19. But, as the hosts for our “Ukutya neKhaya” series, Zukile Ngqeza & Monwabisi Dyantyi, reminded us continuously last year: COVID-19 was a marker, rather than a maker, of the food insecurity crisis. 

In response to the immediate crisis this time last year, hundreds of us across the country and world joined together to ensure those most vulnerable to hunger were identified and supported through the Hope Voucher campaign. We are so grateful to be able to share more details about this unfolding story of hope in this newsletter. 

To bring about flourishing in the food system, we need to reimagine our relationship with the land and with those who work it as well as how we harvest, package, distribute, sell and buy. Wider issues of justice such as climate change, land and spatial development and economic systems also need to be addressed. In this newsletter, you will find a few ways to help frame and continue this journey. 

We continually develop resources such as Ukutya neKhaya to equip followers of Jesus in faithful engagement with scripture and how we live out our faith within our context. We’d love you to consider investing in the development of future resources by donating either to our general work or more specific resources.

We look forward to journeying with you as we live in alignment with our prayers.

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