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Reflections on ‘Looting’

This episode of looting should prompt a broader conversation at the very least. We all know the current design of the economy and spatial justice of this country is polarised towards those have some form of capital to make it work for them. While the vast majority of this country are poor and economically excluded, those who learn the way of this system win. Question is, why aren’t we all stopping the current injustice while we clearly know it’s working only for the few? Isn’t the mindset of the looter that ‘if everyone is taking then why can’t I?’ Or ‘it is what it is so I may as well too?’

Why do we choose to listen more to the voices of those who will help us exploit the system for all we can rather than the voices of those who call for us to change the system for the benefit of everyone? Are we therefore not educated looters who invest time and money to work the system that breaks the back of others? If we look a bit closer, we then are confronted with the base idea that we are not bothered as long as it works for us. Looters don’t care who loses or suffers as long as they benefit. This system was designed for looting by looters for the benefit of the few at the expense of all the poor.

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