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Learning from the City – A mobile classroom experience

The City of Cape Town is marked by the story of historic and current injustice in the midst of deep beauty.   For this event the city will be your classroom as you spend a day together with others. We will use the praxis cycle as a lens to learn how to read the city we live in.

Traverse our city, explore its urban fractures and learn from sites of struggle and from people living out the message of Jesus in contested spaces.  Cape Town is a divided city and many of us simply don’t know or haven’t experienced other parts of the city.  

The cost of the event is R150 per person which covers lunch and transport.  However, please contact us if you need help with this as we do not want cost to exclude anyone from attending.  You can also let us know you’d like to cover the cost of someone else’s ticket.

Places are limited to 12 people.  However, we will repeat the event if we have a high response rate and can arrange a mobile classroom experience for your church leadership team, small group or just a group of friends.  

Hosted by Caroline Powell & Selena Headley.  

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