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Organising your church for transformational advocacy

“Advocacy is the process of challenging ourselves and our leaders to change attitudes, behaviours and policies that perpetuate injustice and deny God’s will for all creation to flourish.”

Tom Baker and Jason Fileta 

“Transforming unjust structures of society, challenging violence of every kind and pursuing peace and reconciliation”

Five Marks of Mission – Anglican Church 

Relief, development and advocacy are the three pillars of response to injustice and poverty. In South Africa, many local congregations have relief programmes like feeding schemes and some have development ministries like educare programmes.  However most have limited or no experience in participating in any form of advocacy.  

In this workshop, you will learn basic principles and tools for transformational advocacy and organising your congregation.  These will be applied these to some real-life situations from Cape Town and you will have an opportunity to plan activities for 2019 that will mobilise and equip your local congregations for this work.  

Hosted by Craig Stewart

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