October 2018 – Let Justice Roll

Let Justice Roll!


After months of deep prayer, discernment, engagement and collaboration with multiple partners and friends across the province and country, South Africa’s second Justice Conference took place on the 12th and 13th of this month, bringing together almost a thousand people seeking to journey towards an understanding of a gospel that truly is good news to the poor. This year the conference took place at Spine Road High School in Mitchell’s Plain, a significant location in South Africa’s history of student activism against the system of apartheid.

The conference began with an invitation to locate ourselves within that space- a space of historical marginalisation and as such, one of pain and lament, but also a space out of which have emerged voices of liberation crying out to tear down the structures of oppression, and thus a space of critical hope.

From this context, over the next two days we explored the words of God spoken through the prophet Amos to the Israelites many years ago- words which were spoken into a context which feels eerily similar to the context in which we find ourselves in as a city, a country, and indeed a world today.

Emerging from this theme, we were invited onto six connected journeys in the ensuing plenary sessions:

  The call to remember invited us to reflect on our histories with God, and the ‘Egypts’ that we have been liberated from.

 The call to places of pain invited us to locate ourselves (as did Jesus) on the margins.

The call to righteousness invited us to enter into Jesus’ mission which seeks to bring shalom to all the earth, necessitating a stand against injustice of all kinds.

 The call from the wilderness invited us to take up the mantle of restoring God’s family through the work of redress and reconciliation.

 The call to lament invited us to see and be seen in the pain experienced in our country on a daily basis and allow our hearts to broken for those things that break God’s heart and the hearts of our fellow siblings.

And lastly, the call to worship invited us to uncover the narratives that continue to uphold systems of oppression and exchange them for narratives of liberation that allow each person to worship God in their fullness.

Many left the gathering deeply challenged and unsettled, but also filled with great encouragement and hope, having- alongside hundreds of others- powerfully encountered the God who stands on the side of the marginalised, and invites us all, ‘Seek me and live’.

By Thandi Gamedze


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A Call to Remember

If you missed it, make sure to watch Mahlatse Mashua’s powerful and poetic call to remember, given on the first morning of the Justice Conference 2018.

Let Justice Roll

Read the words of Thandi Gamedze’s poem shared at The Justice Conference 2018, coming out of our communal and contextual study of Amos which took place over nine weeks.


Warehouse Happenings

The Warehouse supports local church congregations through enabling dialogue, facilitating collaboration, and inspiring hope-filled imagination towards justice-seeking action. Below are a few glimpses into ways we have sought to do this in the past month.

Responding to Fires Across Cape Town

The last couple of weeks have seen multiple fires breaking out across the city, destroying hundreds of homes and leaving thousands of people displaced. Through the network of churches called RESPOND, which was established to assist in crisis situations such as these, we are currently aiding in coordinating relief to those affected. Please consider assisting us in these efforts by giving financially through the link below.

The Justice Conference

These two days were filled with holy moments as friendships were established, the presence of God was encountered, and we wept, laughed and danced together towards becoming a church that looks more like Jesus.

Fourth Thursday Prayers

Every fourth Thursday of the month, we come together and pray- all are welcome. This month the focus was on The Justice Conference- how we had been impacted and what we feel God is doing and will continue to do through it.

Annual Celebration

On the 24th of October we hosted our Annual Celebration at Beautiful Gate in Philippi. We spent some wonderful time together celebrating what God has done over the past year, and looking forward towards what is coming.


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