Thandi Gamedze

Of Home and Wholeness

Hostile city built on stolen land, with stolen hands, how dare you label attempts to create sanctuary as illegal? Home making is revolutionary in this system borne of displacementWholeness is revolutionary in this system invested in dislocation Keep fighting to make homeKeep fighting to be whole It doesn’t seem possible but perhaps a day will …

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We are not so different They, waiting for the promised Messiah to deliver them from their colonial powers Hoping for the day exploitation, oppression and brutalisation would be no more Praying and preparing for revolution Forward to the new Jerusalem! Thousands of years later the scenery is unchanged Still we wait for the Messiah to …

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The Bible Tells Me So?

If you have ever been involved in any kind of disagreement about how the Christian faith should be understood or expressed in the world, at some point you have probably come up against (or given) the response, “but it is in the Bible”. This is an easy response but rarely a particularly helpful one. The …

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