April 2019 – What Would Jesus Vote?

What Would Jesus Vote?

I find Jesus’ teachings illuminating and liberating, but also at times somewhat frustrating. Instead of providing clear-cut, easy answers, they most often create infinitely more questions. Which is why, I’m guessing, if he were living in South Africa today and we asked him who we should vote for in the upcoming elections, his answer would not be a straightforward political party, but a winding story that would pierce to our hearts and convict us of things that we had previously thought had nothing to do with the elections.

I think it is important to remember though, that while Jesus did not generally give clear cut prescriptive answers, he was by no means neutral. He was born into a specific political context – ‘the days of Herod, king of Judea’ (Luke 1:3) with all that this came with – and his life consistently represented a challenge to the powers that were, ending of course with his crucifixion.

As The Warehouse community, we have been reading the book of Luke together through the lenses of how our political involvement should be informed by our following of Jesus, particularly in the light of the upcoming elections. This newsletter has emerged out of some of this journey, and we hope that it will be an invitation for you to join us in the wrestling. We don’t believe that there are easy, clear-cut answers, but that perhaps through following the questions where they lead, we can get closer to authentically representing Jesus in our worlds, physically, spiritually, socially and politically, whatever that may look like.

Blessings on the journey,

Thandi Gamedze


Helpful Resources


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In our latest podcast episode, we discuss the electoral system, some of its complexities and downfalls, and how we should be engaging with it as followers of Jesus.

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Warehouse Work

Son of Man Screening and Discussion

This month we hosted a movie night at The Warehouse where we watched an discussed the film Son of Man- a film set in a context which challenged many of our preconceptions and allowed us to expand our undeerstanding of what following Jesus might look like today.

Building a Resilient City- Churches and Disasters

This last weekend we hosted a one-day workshop at the City’s Disaster Risk Management Centre for churches wanting to learn how to effectively respond to need in times of disaster.

Transformational Advocacy Workshop

Our responsibility as active citizens in society extends past our tick on the ballot paper. Our Introduction to Transformational Advocacy Workshop seeks to equip churches to embrace active citizenry towards a more just society. Email info@warehouse.org.za for more information.


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