June 2019: Looking to the Youth

Remembering an advocate of children

The past few weeks have been a difficult time for us as The Warehouse community. On the 26th of May, after being diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer just a month before, our dear sister, friend, and colleague of over eight years – Ntombi Tshingilane – passed away. Our hearts are grieved for not only our loss, but that of her family, and in particular, her two young boys. We are planning to put together a newsletter tribute to Ntombi within the next few weeks, but for now, in youth month in South Africa, we dedicate this newsletter to our sister who loved and passionately gave herself for the cause of children and young people.


Helpful Resources


ECD and Centring the Struggles of the Marginalised

In our latest podcast episode, Thandi and Nkosi chat about Youth day, commemorating struggle, centring the voices and struggles of the marginalised, and organising for support of Early Childhood Development centres in townships.

Children, Church and the Law

While the local church is well-positioned and capacitated to provide protection and advocacy for the well-being of children within their spaces and communities, this is not a given. It is key that churches are equipped to play this important role, and this is what our resource, Children, Church and the Law, seeks to do…


June 16 Reflections

An illustration from Zach Stewart’s body of work exploring how the Bible has been used to oppress people.


Welcome to My South Africa

A poem by Lynn Ruv (17)

Welcome to my South Africa

Where we do not fear gunshots and knives

My South Africa

Where my sister prefers giving up her life

Due to pressure

Caused by teenage pleasure

Where pregnancy at the age of 15/16 is a norm

Where she depends on R400 donated by SASSA to raise a kid

Welcome to My South Africa

Where we breathe and eat Poverty

Hustling is Killing our Mothers sisters and aunts

Welcome to my South Africa

Where culture, tradition and respect for elders has lost its Value

Welcome to My South Africa

Where our parents have given up on the idea of us being successful

Welcome to the Youth Site

Where we live and breathe just for the sake of it

Where death seems to be the only way out

Welcome to my South Africa

Where our youth is depressed 

by different things 

Nobody knows of

Where our caregivers are too blind to notice

Welcome to my South Africa

Where my sisters have to give up their pride and shame their bodies as means of survival


You are very much welcome

To the dusty roads

So filthy and there’s smoke

So dark it’s our souls

Noisy we’re screaming

Crying for help

Understanding and care

Welcome to our South Africa

Where Our youth Does not dream of change but death

Where desires goals and dreams are unfulfilled

Welcome to my South Africa

Where youth is just a 5 letter word

Welcome to my South Africa

Where the number of Youth decreases by the day

Welcome to my South Africa

where YOUTH is just a word 

With no Meaning


What we have been up to…

Sojourners Summit

This month, Rene has been in the United States at the Sojourners Summit – a summit geared towards helping leaders committed to changing the world through faith and justice. Rene, together with Rev. Frank Chikane, has been reflecting on lessons from SA.

Pentecostalism and Justice

In May we hosted Nadine Bowers Du Toit, Jonathan Martin, and Luthando Tofu for a beautiful conversation around the Pentecostal movement, its complexities, and its gift to us as we navigate space of injustice, and God’s heart for restoration for all of creation.

Sustainability Project

This year we have kicked off our Sustainability Project which seeks to equip those pastoring churches in low-income areas with tools to do the work of caring for God’s people and doing the work of justice and transformation in ways that are life-giving and sustainable.


Upcoming Events

Part of our hope for this night (beyond generative, life and city-changing conversation) is to raise funds for Caroline Powell and Ntando Mlambo who have been invited to present a paper at a conference themed around theology and spatial justice in Bamberg, Germany. If you would like to give to their trip, please donate to The Warehouse account using the word ‘Bamberg’ to indicate where it should go.


Journey with us

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