The Peace and Justice of God for the World

The overarching vision of The Warehouse is to see the Church actively living out the peace and justice of God for the world. All of the work that we do seeks to move towards this vision. We believe that local churches, not just because of their prevalence and position (particularly in our South African context), but also because of their mandate to work towards the restoration of all things, can and should be a key catalyst and vehicle for bringing about peace and justice in our society today. Our mission statement explores how we see this happening, and our role in it as The Warehouse:

We support local churches by enabling dialogue, facilitating collaboration and inspiring hope-filled imagination that mobilises justice and peace-seeking action in their neighbourhoods and regions.

In this newsletter, we share with you some of the specific ways in which we live out this mission. Our Contextual Bible Study resource seeks to create space for people to more deeply engage the scriptures in dialogue with one another towards transformation. Our Living Wage resource seeks to mobilise labour relations that are characterised by God’s peace and justice. Becoming Human, through a facilitated co-learning and dialogue process, seeks to inspire imagination towards Jesus followers living lives of racial justice. The RESPOND coalition’s work and training, through equipping churches for disaster relief, seeks to inspire action towards both short-term and well as long-term transformation. In this edition, we also include links to two On the Couch conversations seeking to provide insight and inspiration around advocacy towards the flourishing of children, and how township churches are navigating the post-covid era respectively. The newsletter also includes information about upcoming events hosted by us or friends and collaborators.

We hope you enjoy engaging with this content, and as always, would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

With love,
The Warehouse Team

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