A quick catch-up from The Warehouse

Dear friends,

Now that we have crossed the threshold into the second half of 2022 (!) we wanted to use this newsletter to recentre who we are, revisit some of the things we felt God was calling us to prioritise this year, and celebrate some of the work we have been involved in.

As an organisation, we envision the church bearing witness to the good news of Jesus by actively living out the peace and justice of God for the world. Over the last while, like many people and organisations, we have been going through a number of shifts. Our staff team is smaller than it has been for a long time, we are continuing to lean into transition in leadership structures, and in a time where many NGOs are working to keep their heads above water, we are digging into what organisational sustainability looks like for us. 

While we follow the voice of the Holy Spirit in all these areas and more, the work of coming alongside churches and leaders towards the manifestation of God’s goodness on earth continues. We have journeyed with groups in reading scripture and context with new lenses, to see and be invited into God’s liberating work in the world in new ways. We have worked with groups either dealing with or working with people dealing with trauma, equipping them with faith-based tools for healing and wholeness. We have facilitated collaborative relief action as part of our vision for broader transformation in response to various disasters. We have started more intentionally thinking about what it means to collaborate with our broader Warehouse partners and friends towards a world characterised by God’s peace and justice- a vision that is far bigger than us and stretches beyond any of our lifetimes. And much else besides. 

In short, our commitment to God’s continued call and invitation remains strong, and we continue to be beyond grateful for the privilege of getting to be part of this sacred work. Through this newsletter, we hope to give you a glimpse into some of our journey and work this year.


The Warehouse Team

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