December 2018- Fully God, Fully Human

Fully God, Fully Human

What the incarnation means to some of The Warehouse team….


As Christians, the incarnation- Jesus, who is fully God embodying the full extent of what it means to be human and taking up residence on Earth- is foundational to our faith. In this month of December- this period of advent leading up to the celebration of the birth of Jesus and all that it means- we, as The Warehouse staff, reflected on the significance of the incarnation for us, our faith and our world…

How the incarnation happened and where it happened, is as important for me biblically as the fact of the incarnation. That it happened to Mary who was a poor young teenage girl, and Joseph, who was a carpenter, is important. It locates Jesus socially and economically. Where it happened/the geography of the incarnation- in Palestine, in Bethlehem, in a stable- is just as important. It says to me that God did not just come to be with us as humans, but that God came to be accessible and present- in proximity to pain and suffering and injustice.

Rene August

The incarnation is a reminder that in a world at war, in a world controlled by empires, this child (Jesus) was born not into the safety net of even a comfortable middle class existence, but rather was born to an oppressed people ruled by a dynasty, and the message is always that Christmas time is an invitation to resist. To resist power, to resist the option of power, and to instead turn our eyes to the ground rather than the heavens to remind ourselves that this is a time of Emmanuel- God with us, not God absent from us. 

Wayne Eaves

Incarnation means that Jesus came from where he was, down to where we are, fully taking on all our junk, and giving us full access to the Father. 

Colleen Saunders

Incarnation is constantly endangered by all the un-freedoms and unresponsiveness to human pain. If human pain and black groanings continue to be ignored cries, Christ might not be born. 

Nkosi Gola

For me the incarnation is a reminder that Jesus is not simply a good human whose example I need to try and emulate; he is the word made flesh. And it is a call to follow Jesus into the forgotten and hurting places of the world. 

Craig Stewart

Jesus came to show us a way of being. 

Brian Koela

It makes God accessible. He encourages us ‘Come to me’.

Lynette Lambrechts

God risking vulnerability. 

Caroline Powell

Since before human-recorded time, God has been reaching out to us: loving us, nurturing us, revealing to us both the nature and the dreams of God. Eventually, at a moment in time, God put on skin: pouring out the Indescribable into a form we could understand – that which we could see, hear, touch. Jesus is the full and complete revelation of God: God’s heart towards us, God’s heart towards creation, God’s heart towards the cosmos! It doesn’t get better than the incarnation; God with us. 

Wendy Lewin

Thinking about the incarnation reminds me that Jesus is not a far-off God who is removed from suffering and an understanding of this broken world, but he lived in it, under an oppressive government and in a low-income family. He knows and feels the pain and joy of being human, and entered this world as Creator of the universe. It blows me away actually. 

Linda Martindale


We pray that over this season, you would step into greater revelation of the significance of the incarnation and its implications in our daily following of Jesus who, in his relentless pursuit of the restoration of all things, took on humanity and all that it came with.

With love from The Warehouse Team


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