May 2019: What Would Jesus Vote (Part 2)

In its welfare, you will find your welfare

“But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare”

Jeremiah 29:7

The context into which this instruction was given was no doubt different from ours today. It was spoken by the prophet Jeremiah to the Israelites that were exiled in Babylon. I think there is an important principle in there for us however as we gear up to vote for the party that will lead South Africa for the next five years. In the city’s welfare, we will find our welfare. And one does not seek welfare for that which is already faring well but that which is not. Many things in our city fit that description. Our public health care system which cracks under the burden of a demand which far outweighs supply, leaving people in urgent need of care waiting for hours without being seen. Our education system which privileges some and fails others, adding fuel to the raging fires of inequality ravaging this country. Our housing situation which sees multi-million rand houses left empty for months of the year while so many are without shelter. And so many other areas besides. What would it look like if we truly believed that our welfare was intractably tied to the welfare of the city and those within it? How would it influence how we voted? How would it influence how we lived for the one thousand seven hundred and eighty days in between votes?

Once again I don't believe that there are easy answers, but I do believe that the wrestling will change us and therefore our neighbours and our cities for the better.

Thandi Gamedze


Helpful Resources

Faith and Politics: A Christian's Guide to Voting

Check out this podcast from our friends at Isiphambano Centre for Biblical Justice, featuring Ryan Saville, addressing some questions around Christians' engagement in the upcoming elections.

Transforming Society

Check out this video by the Global Church Project featuring theologian, writer and social anthropologist Melba Padilla Maggay speaking about the church's role in challenging oppressive power structures and transforming society.

What Did Jesus Vote?

Check out this blog post written by Thandi Gamedze exploring what the book of Luke has to say about the values and priorities that Jesus displayed in his life on earth, that can perhaps give us some guidance in thinking about how to vote.


Opportunity to participate in district planning process

While there are many ways to be an active citizen beyond voting in the elections, this is one exciting upcoming opportunity to do so! The City of Cape Town is embarking on a district planning process in which we have the opportunity to participate in the shaping of our district for the future. If you have a dream for a different kind of Cape Town, a desegregated city, a city that truly does work and exist for all her citizens, why not sign up to register in the City of Cape Town's "District Planning Process"? Sign up at the link below and please do let us at The Warehouse know if you have done so by emailing as we would love to walk this journey with you!  

We have registered as an organisation and, as the process unfolds, will gather churches to give input into our contribution to the process. But let's do it together and show the City of Cape Town that the churches want a just and equal city!


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Overcoming your socialisation

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